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Sofia 3D Faux Mink Lashes are made with 100% silk specifically designed with a mixture of dense, bold long and medium length curled strands for a dramatic and seductive finish.

Marquess Silk Lashes are made with the finest quality silk to provide a cruelty-free option with the same dramatic and signature look of Mink lashes.  

Reusable (25 plus wears with proper care)

Application and Care Instruction:

  1. Curl real eyelashes and apply mascara before application of Marquess Lashes.
  2. Measure Marquess lashes to length of eyes and trim band as needed (trimming from outer eye in towards inner eye)
  3. Apply light layer of lash adhesive and let dry until glue becomes tacky and easily bondable.
  4. Use fingers or tweezers to place lash directly above the natural eyelash line and hold in place until lashes adhere securely.
  5. Press real lashes and Marquess lashes together to avoid any separation between false and natural lash.   
  6. After use, apply small amount of makeup remover using cotton swap or fingertip to lash band bonded to the lash line until they pull off with ease.
  7. Avoid using mascara and getting Marquess lash strands wet.
  8. Store in original packaging to preserve and extend life of Marquess lashes.